Welcome to Kroagnon.

'What is Kroagnon?' you might ask. Well, it's a news and reviews site at the moment, but we are looking to expand its remit at some point in the near future. At the moment, we have something of a Doctor Who, particularly Big Finish stuff, emphasis, but we'll review anything and everything.

We used to be called Artron Reviews, but when the time came to renew at the Naff Domain Names Bureau, we thought we'd change it up a bit. And so, like both Paradise Towers and the Great Architect himself, this site is a bit rubbish but we like it.

We're always looking for reviews of anything at all, historic or recent, for new contributors, so if you've got something you'd like us to consider hosting, please use the contact form. Please also use this if you'd like us to review your product (yes please!).

But without further ado, let's meet the regulars...

The Team

Site Editor Matt Michael is by profession a management consultant (and ex-blue guard), and reviews the vast majority of Big Finish audios for Doctor Who Magazine. He also used to run a Bernice Summerfield fanzine, Oh Yes It Is!, with Will Howells and Eddie Robson, and has a degree in history from Leeds University.

You can find Matt's own (really good) site here, or follow him on Twitter here.

Site Advisor and Reviewer Tom Newsom works in finance and regularly creates beautiful bits of artwork inspired by the worlds of TV and film. For Kroagnon, he usually specialises in reviews of television shows. Tom has a degree in mathematics from Bath University and may be better known as aquatics64.

You can find Tom's blog, filled with lovely art and articles, here, or follow him on Twitter here.
Dave Williams is the site owner, and writes all the news articles and most of the reviews. He'll review anything that takes his fancy, and also finds talking about himself in the third person a bit strange. So that'll do for now.

You can follow Dave on Twitter here.

Rob Manns is Australian, and so isn't to be trusted. If he can actually be bothered to get round to reviewing, it'll probably be a TV show or a film. Rob has been instrumental in the creation of this new incarnation of the site, and for that we're extremely grateful. We could have done without the toilet humour, but that's by the by.

Rob Halliday also deserves a mention for all his help and advise in the construction of this site. So here it is.

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